Friday, October 21, 2016
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The Best Work You May Never See: Investec's "Mathematician" Directed By Keith Rose


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Apr. 11, 2016


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This spot follows Lindiwe Zondo’s journey from early school days to graduation. By working harder and smarter than others--despite a lack of facilities, resources, and having to make personal sacrifices--Zondo attained great success. The Investec Promaths program assisted her not only in excelling in science and math but also led to her earning a degree in engineering.

Keith Rose of Velocity Films directed for Y&R, Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.


Client Investec Bank Agency Y&R Johannesburg and Cape Town Graham Lang, chief creative officer; Patrick Robinson, creative director/copywriter; Ross Makepeace, creative director/art director; Sonja Reichwein, producer. Production Velocity Films Keith Rose, director; Shannon Gloyne, producer; Helena Woodfine, exec producer; Eugenio Galli, DP; Di Sole, production art director. Editorial Left Post Productions Saki Berg, editor. VFX The Ludus Charmaine Greyling & Searle Street Post Production Graeme Armstrong Music Mad Planet Limited Daniel Berridge Audio Freqncy South Africa Dave Harris. Postproduction The Ludus and Searl Street Post Production, online.


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