Tuesday, July 25, 2017
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The Best Work You May Never See: IKEA France's "My Son" From Buzzman


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Sep. 27, 2016


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This piece shows a mother who sees her young adult son as if he were still a little boy while she’s helping him to choose his kitchen in an IKEA store. The reality is that she cannot keep him a boy forever--but at least the prices at IKEA stay small year ‘round.

Didier Barcelo of production company Henry directed “My Son” for French agency Buzzman.


Client IKEA France Agency Buzzman Georges Mohammed-Cherif, president & creative director; Thomas Granger, VP; Julien Levilain, associate director; Philippe Boucheron, artistic director; Patrice Lucet, copywriter; Vanessa Barbel, head of TV production; Clement Scherrer, strategic planner; Katya Violi, TV production. Production Henry Didier Barcelo, director; Dries Delputte, DP; Jean Ozannat, producer. Editorial Cyril Nakache, editor. Postproduction Sebastien Gros, post producer. Sound Production Schmooze

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