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The Best Work You May Never See: Grey NY's "Cursing Parrots" For UNICEF Shows Lasting Impact Of Domestic Violence


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017


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A new global report on violence against children released by UNICEF reveals 1 in 4 young children across the world are exposed to domestic violence at home--taking such forms as violent discipline, sexual abuse and homicide. 
Grey New York created an internet film to support the launch of this landmark report.  Titled “Cursing Parrots,” the video features un-doctored, found-footage of real cursing parrots and the derogatory phrases they learn from their households.  

A series of supered messages than reads: “If a parrot can remember what happens in an abusive home, imagine a child”/1 in 4 young children are exposed to domestic violence”/”Violence marks children forever. Recognize it. Report it.”


Client UNICEF Priyanka Pruthi, sr. producer Agency Grey New York John Patroulis, worldwide chief creative officer; Ron Lenois, Jeff Stamp, deputy chief creative officers; Marco Pupo, Joao Coutinho, group creative directors; Leo Barbosa, creative director/art director; Cuanan Cronwright, creative director/writer. Production Agency TOWNHOUSE James McPherson, head of integrated production; Jan Zislin, executive integrated producer; Ranelle Fowler, integrated producer; Matt Baker, audio engineer. Production Company Catch And Release, NY Ross Dabrow, content producer; Greg Sylvester, chief of content; Brent Lovell, head of clearances & acquisitions; Kelli Cline, sr. clearance lead; Zoe Ani, Jordan Vail, clearance specialists; Liz Mandeville, curation director.

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