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The Best Work You May Never See: Bruno Aveillan Directs Road Safety Board's "Sunshine Highway"


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Jul. 11, 2016


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Bruno Aveillan of Quad Group directed this public service film for The Directorate of Security and Road Traffic (Securite Routiere), France’s road safety board created within the Ministry of the Interior.

Conceived by a creative team at Paris ad agency La Chose, the public service piece titled "The Sunshine Highway" ("l’Autoroute du soleil") shows the consequence of reckless driving and excessive vehicular speed. The short focuses on Henri who’s taking his family on a road trip. Set back by some unexpected delays, he decides to make up for lost time by speeding. Yet, after rounding a curve in the road, he rear-ends another car stuck in traffic. A voiceover tells us how his decision shatters lives--and not just those in the car but those of families, associates and friends.


Client Securite Routiere (France’s Road Safety Board) Agency La Chose, Paris Pascal Gregoire, creative director; Charles Flamand, concept and copywriter; Alexandre Fort, Guillaume Ganty, concept and art direction; Nicolas Buisset, TV production manager; Eric Tong Cuong, Celine Bonnefond, strategic planning. Production Quad Group, Paris Bruno Aveillan, director; Tatum Drouilhat, 1st assistant director; Martin Coulais, exec producer; Claudia Traeger, production director. Postproduction Fix Studio Nathalie Aveillan, postproduction manager. Audio THE Mirwais, composers.

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