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The Best Work You May Never See: Boone Oakley's Pharma Ad Spoof For Mellow Mushroom


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Sep. 9, 2016


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This “Clinically Proven” campaign from agency Boone Oakley in Charlotte, NC, spoofs ubiquitous pharmaceutical industry commercials in order to promote pizza restaurant chain Mellow Mushroom.

Glen Owen of Boulevard Films, Charlotte, directed the spots which include a takeoff on formulaic advertising for certain masculinity-boosting drugs.

This :30 focuses on a flirtatious, middle-aged couple. “You never know when the moment will strike,” it begins. A dose of Mellow Mushroom is recommended, although “if you find yourself sitting in a Mellow Mushroom for more than four hours, you may want to go home and come back another day.” 


Client Mellow Mushroom Agency Boone Oakley, Charlotte, NC David Oakley, creative director; Eric Roch von Rochsburg, art director; Mary Gross, copywriter; Laura George, producer. Production Boulevard Films, Charlotte Glen Owen, director; Jordan McMonagle, DP; Billy Patete, exec producer; Angela Street, producer. Postproduction Wondersmith, Charlotte Chris Walldorf, editor; Joe Murray, producer; Clark Bierbaum, colorist. Audio Groundcrew Studios, Charlotte Ross Wissbaum, John Causby, engineers 



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