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The Best Work You May Never See: Bent Image Lab Solves Santa Milk Mystery For Dairy Farmers of Canada, DDB Toronto


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017


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Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) celebrates the season with a charming film that connects the brand with the magic of the holidays. DFC’s holiday campaign by DDB Canada in Toronto shares a story of what happens to the milk children lay out for Santa on Christmas Eve.
“Milk plays an integral role in the long-standing tradition of leaving a glass out for Santa on Christmas Eve,” explains Sébastien Bergeron, assistant director, Mmarketing, DFC.  “Our holiday campaign celebrates this cultural moment to connect the brand with the holidays in a relevant way.”
The 60-second stop-motion animated online film, “A glass for Santa,” asks the question whether or not Santa actually drinks all the milk on Christmas Eve.  Set to a cover version of Stevie Wonder’s track “Everyone’s a Kid at Christmas Time,” the film is made entirely out of felt and was handcrafted by Bent Image Lab.


Client Dairy Farmers of Canada Agency DDB Canada, Toronto Cosmo Campbell, chief creative officer; Paul Wallace, executive creative director; Allan Topol, copywriter; Craig Ferguson, art director; Lorrie Zwer, producer; Brett McDonald, director of strategy. Production Bent Image Lab, Portland, Ore. Rob Shaw, director; Anthony Greene, exec producer; Brianna Vitale, producer; Greg Arden, art director; Ean McNamara, production designer; Mark Eifert, DP; Jesse McManus, character designer; Kamela Heyward, storyboards; Dani Turner, production coordinator; Jim Birkett, lighting/camera; Javan Ivey, armaturist/animator; Tina Hsu, Adam Taylor, animators; Jayme Hansen, Sara Moen, Lebrie Rich, Emily Myers, character fabricators; Aspen Farer, Chris Landon, model makers; Matt Lask, set fabrication; Kyle Wallace, Kelsey Curtis, Cary Sigler, art dept. production assistants; Cameron Carson, compositor; Brent Heise, editor. (Toolbox: Nuke, Adobe Premiere Pro) Color Mission Control Jalal Jemison, color corrector. Music A cover version of the Stevie Wonder track, “Everyone’s a Kid at Christmas Time” Audio Post Grayson Matthews, Toronto


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