Friday, October 21, 2016
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The Best Work You May Never See: barrettSF's "Baby Anthem" For 1,000 Days


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016


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This online video is a key component of agency barrettSF’s first campaign for 1,000 Days, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving nutrition for children and expectant mothers. The narrative behind the creative comes from the infant’s POV, meaning we hear from babies advocating for babies. This “Baby Anthem” video combines humor with universally relatable baby moments to show that every infant deserves a fair, healthy start.
“One-third of the world’s population is malnourished,” commented Todd Eisner, creative director at barrettSF. “Unfortunately, one-year-olds have a hard time articulating that need. Our idea was to help them find the words.”

Clayton Worfolk directed and edited via Even Odd Films.


Client 1,000 Days Agency barrettSF Jamie Barrett, executive creative director; Todd Eisner, creative director; Conor Duignan, head of broadcast production. Production Even Odd Films Clayton Worfolk, director/editor; Tyler McPherron, DP; Malcolm Pullinger, exec producer; Kimi Milo, line producer.  Music The Music Playground Eric Hillebrecht, VP/creative director. Track: “The Sailor,” Bright Moments  Audio Post One Union Matt Zipkin, sound engineer. Postproduction Mission Film & Design Ayumi Ashley, colorist.

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