Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Bensimon Byrne Saves The Snowy Driveways For Climate Change


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017


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For many years, people have heard about the dire predictions related to climate change, including rising sea levels, melting snowcaps, superstorms, forest fires, drought and famine. The magnitude of the problem and the enormity of what we need to do as individuals can be overwhelming. It’s also hard to comprehend on a personal and individual level what this means.

To make the impact more direct, individual and personal, Toronto agency Bensimon Byrne developed this campaign for the Government of Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. For example, climate change can impair, if not eliminate, the lucrative business of clearing snow from driveways. Just ask the youngster entrepreneur and her even younger “employee” about what that means--she tell us directly, noting that she may even have to let go of her trusted shovel-wielding worker.

Each spot in this campaign brings a personal consequence of climate change to light. And everyone will be impacted, from kids to grandparents and everyone in between. That’s why the “Save the Everything” campaign reflects a very diverse range of target groups.

Peter Huang of Asymetric directed this package of spots, including “Save the Snowy Driveways.”


Client Government of Ontario, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Agency Bensimon Byrne David Rosenberg, Joseph Bonnici, creative directors; Chris Brown, art director; Matt Doran, writer; Michelle Pilling, Meghan Cheesbrough, producers; Celina Bussiere, strategist; Christian Edejer, project manager. Production Asymetric Peter Huang, director; Kris Bonnell, DP; Evan Landry, exec producer; Jason Aita, line producer. Postproduction/Offline Married to Giants Paul Skinner, editor. Postproduction/Online Wingman James Andrews, online artist. Postproduction/Color Alter Ego Connor Fisher, colorist. Audio TA2 Drew Frohmann, director; Dave Clarke, engineer.

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