Sunday, October 23, 2016
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BBDO NY Scratches SNICKERS' Itch With Online Video of OOH Interactive Experience


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Jun. 7, 2016


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Earlier this year, SNICKERS launched its Super Bowl 50 commercial which goes back to 1955 and features a hungry Marilyn Monroe on the set of the classic film The Seven Year Itch.
Now, in honor of what would have been Monroe’s 90th birthday, SNICKERS is launching an online video of an OOH interactive experience. The experience is an installation that displays a continuously animated image of Marilyn Monroe’s skirt blowing in the breeze, an iconic scene from the classic film. When a digital sensor detects someone staring, Marilyn turns into her hungry alter-ego, Willem Dafoe, who has some “hungry” words for the passerby.
The limited-time live installation took place in April in New York City.


Client SNICKERS Agency BBDO New York David Lubars, chief creative officer, worldwide; Greg Hahn, chief creative officer, NY; Gianfranco Arena, Peter Kain, executive creative directors; Scott Mahoney, Dan Oliva, creative directors; Joey Henson, copywriter; Jimmy Morrissey, art director; David Rolfe, director of integrated production; Amy Wertheimer, group executive producer; Alex Gianni, executive broadcast producer; Neely Lisk, executive producer; Koji Yahagi, DP; Jeff Reagan, production assistant. Celebrity Talent & IP Rights Acquisition The Marketing Arm, Brad Sheehan Experiential Production Company Pearl Media Anthony Petrillo, exec producer; Daniel Odham, producer; Jennifer Ohs, creative technologist. Editorial/Post EG+ Renee Haar, director of postproduction; Amy Feldman, post producer; Tim Jansen, editor; Harry Nelson, assistant editor; John Cabrera, audio engineer.

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