Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Battery, Director Alan White Team With Michael Madsen To Launch RECOIL


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Jul. 11, 2017


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Tech entertainment company Skyrocket launches its RECOIL multiplayer battlefield game with a creative campaign from L.A. agency Battery. The campaign stars Michael Madsen as a bad-ass, noir-like superhero named Striker who imparts his battlefield wisdom and tactical skills to a new generation of RECOIL fighters. RECOIL players engage in an entire new imaginative arena of play; one that transforms the real world into an immersive, GPS enabled battlefield.

Directed by Alan White of Bob Industries, this Madsen-as-Striker spot, “Striker’s World,” is the first in a series which will roll out this year.
RECOIL turns any outdoor space into a digitally enhanced, multiplayer battlefield. Using in-ear surround sound, haptic response weaponry, and smartphone integrated gameplay, players are able to spawn into the middle of the most immersive battlefield they’ve ever experienced. 


Client Skyrocket Toys Jon Proudfit, creative director & co-founder; Craig Mitchell, sr. marketing director; Cory Ledesma, executive producer; Curtis Barnes, lead producer--gaming, interactive & consumer products. Agency Battery Anson Sowby, CEO/co-founder; Phil Khosid, CCO/co-founder; Raymond Hwang, Scott Brown, VPs/creative directors; Maximilian Kislevtiz, brand director; Kristine Ling, exec producer; Mackenzie Busch, producer. Production Bob Industries Alan White, director; Ken Seng, DP; Brian Etting, line producer. Editorial/VFX NO.6 & NO.7 Carr Schilling, managing partner; Graham Turner, editor; Connie Chuang, assistant editor; Michelle Dorsch, producer; Verdi Sevenhuysen, Flame artist. Color The Mill Adam Scott, colorist; Thatcher Peterson, exec producer; Diane Velara, producer. Music/Sound Design Wolf At The Door Alexander Kemp, partner/creative director; Thomas Leistenschneider, director/producer. Audio Post John Bolen, mixer; Lauren Cascio, exec producer.

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