Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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The Art of the Meal: Google Translate, m ss ng p eces Bring People Together to Celebrate Food From Different Cultures


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Jul. 27, 2016


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Production house m ss ng p eces conceived this pop up restaurant idea with Google, designed all branding components, and produced every aspect of the experience, telling the vibrant story of an experiential event in the #EveryoneSpeaksFood film. The experience entails bringing food from different global cultures to Small World (Google Translates’ free pop up restaurant in NY), for a single meal, illustrating that food is a universal language.

The experience brings dishes and more importantly people from different cultures together, forming a community united by food.

The project was headed by PARTY executive creative director Masa Kawamura, who had recently joined the m ss ng p eces roster. Executive producer Kate Oppenheim explained the impetus for the campaign, “Everyone Speaks Food is an idea that celebrates the connections that we build over a meal and the richness of food cultures around in the world. We were inspired by the way that Google Translate creates functional and personal connects between people everywhere.” 


Client Google Michael Tabtabai, head of Google brand creative; Cameron Luby, head of cultural activations; Ben Quesnel, marketing manager, Google Brand; Jesse Friedman, marketing manager, Google Translate; Michelle Rosen Sapir, head of brand and reputation, events & experiences. Production m ss ng p eces Josh Nussbaum, director; Kate Oppenheim, Ari Kuschnir, Brian Latt, exec producers/partners; PARTY: Masashi Kamamura, executive creative director; PARTY Jamie Carreiro, creative director; Dave Saltzman, head of production, partner; Brian Mitchell, project management director; David Trumpf, Kari Anderson, art directors; Sara’o Berry, Kathryn Berk, project management supervisors; Jonathan Figueroa, Zacchary Kislevitz, production management coordiators; Gideon Jacobs, Cassie Marketos, copywriters; Jordan Bruner, Costa Damaskos, Stephane Rodriguez, designers; Mike Prall, campaign video line producer; Jason Reif, campaign video production manager.

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