Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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Anomaly Turns Up Volume On Hearing Impairment With "Stay Connected" Short


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, May. 5, 2016


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Titled Stay Connected, this short directed by Vincent Haycock of Park Pictures for NY agency Anomaly and client Duracell introduces us to a father and husband who slowly starts to slip into isolation due to his impaired hearing. Following a concerning event with his baby granddaughter and with encouragement from his family, he takes the first step in addressing his hearing health with a visit to an audiologist. There, he is fit for a hearing aid, and that device, powered by Duracell, immediately connects him back to the world. 

Actor and director John Slattery, who lends his voice to the film’s voiceover, is partnering with Duracell as he has personally experienced the issue:  his father suffered from untreated hearing loss before being tested and receiving hearing aids.

Hearing impairment is a national health issue affecting 48 million Americans, 80% of whom don’t seek treatment. For those who do, Duracell powers them to experience every moment and stay connected by offering long-lasting hearing aid batteries. As part of its “Stay Connected” campaign, Duracell also looks to reach the vast majority of Americans currently not receiving treatment—a staggering 38 million people - because untreated hearing loss can lead to isolation and depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  It also has far-reaching effects, touching not only those who can’t hear, but the loved ones who feel their family member is slowly disconnecting from them, and life, and missing out on key moments.  To help people take the first step towards staying connected, Duracell will offer 50,000 free hearing screenings throughout the month of May, National Better Hearing Month.


Client Duracell Agency Anomaly Production Park Pictures Vincent Haycock, director; Jackie Bisbee, Dinah Rodriguez, exec producers; Alec Sash, producer; Robert Elswit, DP; Rob Jackson, first assistant director; Walter Pluff, production designer; Lucy Corrigan, wardrobe stylist. Casting Grande Morris Casting David Morris, Faye Grande Editorial/Postproduction Consulate Ryan McCally, editor; Alan Lopez, exec producer; Mike Stolz, Flame artist; Hazel McKibbin, assistant editor. Gabriele Turchi, colorist. Audio Post Sound Lounge Seth Phillips, audio engineer. Sound Design Marshall Grupp, Seth Phillips, sound design; Ali Corsi, producer. Music Marmoset Matthew Hollingsworth, composer; Tim Shrout, producer. 

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