Friday, September 22, 2017
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adam&eveDDB Brings Scooby-Doo & The Gang Into Halifax Bank


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017


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Halifax’s new TV commercial from adam&eveDDB, London, features Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. Gang animated cartoon characters. In the spot--directed by Dom and Nic of Outsider, with VFX/post from The Mill London--Scooby-Doo and the Gang escape the clutches of a mummy by scooting into a Halifax bank branch. There the hapless heroes find out how Halifax rewards its customers with money back through everyday purchases.

Next Scooby-Doo and pal are at a restaurant enjoying a pizza; they’re about to tap into the Halifax reward program. But when Scooby-Doo hands over his Halifax debit card to pick up the tab, he’s confronted by the mummy waiter. Scooby-Doo then captures the mummy, before being congratulated by the rest of his mystery-solving Gang.


Client Halifax Agency adam&eveDDB, London Ben Tollett, executive creative director; Jonathan John, copywriter; David Mackersey, art director; Catherine Cullen, producer; Raluca Anastasiu, assistant producer. Production Outsider Dom and Nic, directors; John Masden, producer; Steve Chivers, Ben Chads, DPs. Editorial Final Cut Ed Cheesman, editor. Postproduction/VFX The Mill  Alex Fitzgerald, post exec producer; Kirsty Ratcliffe, Alexandra Paton, post producers; Neil Davies, Ben Turner, VFX supervisors; Henry Foreman, 2D lead; Kwok Fung Lam, lead 2D animator; Roly Edwards, Freya Hotson, Freya Barnsley, Sim Marriot, Stephen Vuillemin, Theo Glad, Matt Partridge, Maki Yoshikura, 2D animators; Georgina  Ford, lead 2D compositor; Olivia O’Neil, Rafael Vormittag, Eleanor Risdon, George Cressey, Rebecca Clay, Simon Richardson, Sole Martin, Zoe Cosh, Brad Wood, 2D compositors; David Wishart, Adam Maynard, George Rockcliffe, James Pratt, Gavin Marler, online; David Hempstead, Luke Tickner, 3D; David “Luddy” Ludlum, colorist; Brendan Buckingham, Jim Bracher, Thomas Mangham, assistant colorists; Melanie Climent, Ross Urien, Carlos Nieto, illustrators; Audio Post 750mph Sam Ashwell, sound engineer. Soundtrack "Scooby-Doo Where Are You" – David Mook and Ben Raleigh Talent & Intellectual Property Rights Management Agency: The Marketing Arm (Mick Carter, managing director, international coordination; Mairi Wilson, sr. international account manager)

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