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Web Short: Volkswagen’s “Play the Road”


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Dec. 19, 2013


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Production company B-Reel and director Anders Hallberg worked with interactive agency Tribal Worldwide, automaker Volkswagen and British electronic band Underworld to create “Play the Road,” a stylish short film showing how a new iPhone app can turn the Volkswagen Golf GTI into a musical instrument, just by driving. “Play the Road” recently launched on Vimeo and YouTube.
Filmed over two nights in Liverpool, “Play the Road” features precision driver Thomas Wulff using the new app to create exciting, customized musical sounds that were recorded by Underworld, but are controlled by the speed and steering of the car itself. 

Client Volkswagen Agency Tribal Worldwide Lucy Westmore, producer; Simon Poett, creative director; Sam Turk, Paul Robbins, creatives. Production B-Reel Anders Hallberg, director; Trine Pillay, producer; Peter Riis, DP Editorial Circus, London Walter Mauriot, editor

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