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Pet Trust's "We Could Be Heroes"


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Dec. 13, 2013


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Dogs sing in human voices to raise awareness of cancer among canines and the heavy toll in life it exacts. The performance is reminiscent of the iconic"We Are The World" music video.  Curtis Wehrfritz of Untitled Films, Toronto, directed for agency Red Urban.


Client Nestle Purina/Pet Trust. Agency Red Urban, Toronto. Christina Yu, creative director; Patrick Shing, art director; Matt Syberg-Olsen, writer; Terri Vegso, integrated producer; Keith Barry, strategy & development director; Mary-Claire Barlow, creative resources manager. Production Company Untitled Films, Toronto. Curtis Wehrfritz, director; Michael Smith, producer; Lexy Kavluk, exec producer; Matt Hopkins, production designer; Kris Belchevski, DP. Editorial Rooster Post, Toronto. Christina Humphries, editor; Adam Cunliffe, Jawin Laverde, assistant editors; Yumi Suyama, producer; Melissa Kahn, exec producer. Post Alter Ego, Toronto.  Eric Whipp, colorist. Post Fort York, Toronto. Ernie Mordak, Flame artist; Jason Pereira, assistant Flame artist. Music Pirate, Toronto Chris Tait, director; Ryan Kondrat, John LaMagna, Rob James, writers/performers; Rob James, lead vocal. Audio Pirate, Toronto Keith Ohman, mixer.

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