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California Lottery’s “When You Give, You Win”


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013


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An elderly man who works in a company mailroom heads home after work. We follow the quiet, good natured man as he gets on a bus for his commute. As we see signs of the holiday season all about town, our man remains alone, walking up to the stairs to his apartment. At his front door he finds a golden envelope containing California Lottery scratcher tickets, which brighten him and his evening. The tickets were given to him anonymously by a young neighbor across the hall. The Guard Brothers of Smuggler directed for David&Goliath.

Client California Lottery Agency David&Goliath, Los Angeles. David Angelo, chief creative officer; Colin Jeffery, executive creative director; Eron Broughton, creative director/art director; Shaun Wright, art director; Peter Hughes, copywriter; Kristen Knape, strategic planing director; Carol Lombard, manager of broadcast production; Karen Jean, sr, producer; Josh Crick, digital director; Robert Boucher, director of digital delivery and technology; Michael Karney, Erica Tremblay, digital prdoucers; Brandon Yano, developer Production Smuggler, bicoastal; The Guard Brothers, directors; Joost Van Gelder, DP; Brian Carmody, managing partner/co-founder; Allison Kunzman, Carole Hughes, exec producers; Alexandra Lisee, line producer. Editorial Spinach. Lucas Eskin, editor (Courtesy of Beast LA); Ryan Dahlman, assistant editor (courtesy of Beast LA); Jonathan Carpio, post producer. Post 
Company 3, Santa Monica. Sean Coleman, colorist; Matt Moran, color correction producer. Post   Method Studios LA. Aaron Neitz, Smoke artist; Robert Owens, exec producer; Colin Clarry, Stephanie Allis, online producers. Music  Human. Song Title: Suite Bergamasque – III. “Clair de Lune” Composer: Claude Debussy (1862 – 1918); Jonathan Sanford, exec producer. Sound Design
Barking Owl, West L.A.; Audio Post Margarita Mix Santa Monica. Nathan Dubin, mixer;
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