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BBC Radio 2's "Dark Side"


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Nov. 15, 2013


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Aardman created this three-minute promotional film for BBC Radio 2's original radio drama, "Dark Side," written by Sir Tom Stoppard to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" album. They also created an extended film loop to complement the audio experience online. The film was created using a collage of digital imaging, CGI, studio-based effects and hand crafted elements the films were produced with depth and richness that reflects the classic tone of Pink Floyd's art.


Client:  BBC Radio 2  Agency:  BBC Radio 2  Production Company:  Aardman Animations Darren Dubicki, director.  Animation:  Aardman Animations Darren Dubicki, director; Heather Wright, EP; Helen Argo, producer; Danny Gallagher, production asst; Louise Johnson, prodn, coordinator; Mark Chamberlain, DP; Olly Skillman-Wilson, David Klein, Saul Freed, CG modeling; Mathew Rees, Rich Spence, CG animation; Andrew Lavery, CG ltg; Jim Lewis, supervising sr. compositor; Spencer Cross, Paule Quinton, compositors; Tom Readdy, After Effects artist; Dan Hembury, artist.

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