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The Teresa Teng Foundation’s “Virtual Teresa Teng” performance


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Nov. 15, 2013


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Digital Domain 3.0 created this virtual performance which stunned 15,000 fans at a live concert in Taipan. "Virtual" Teresa Teng, a computer-generated likeness of the iconic Taiwanese Chinese singer who passed away in 1995, delivered a surprise performance as part of pop sensation Jay Chou's "Opus 12" shows at the Taipei Arena. Dressed in an ethereal looking white gown, "virtual" Teresa Teng again appeared at subsequent Chou shows. "Virtual" Teresa Teng performed three songs in an original duet with Chou, his hits "Red Tavern" and "Thousand Miles Away," and her hit "What You Have to Say," at the Taipei Arena.


Client:  The Teresa Teng Foundation  Production Company:  Ju Pao (Big Cannon), director, Jay Chou Concert.  Visual Effects:  Digital Domain, Inc. Daniel Seah, CEO; Ed Ulbrich, creative consultant; Lisa Beroud, EP; Steve Preeg, VFX supervisor/animation dir.; Paul Lambert, DFX supervisor; Kim Monaco, VFX/live-action producer; Charlie Bolwell, digital prodn mgr; Janelle Croshaw, virtual human consultant; Patrick Halm, VFX coordinator; Samantha Tang, project coordinator; Tracy Watada, DPA; Som Shankar, Ross MacKenzie, Rene Segura, Megan Dolman, Michael Lori, Danny Garcia, Holly Wenger, integration; Jesse James Chisholm, Vicki Chan, on set integration; Paul Wood, Tom St. Amand, Jeff Lin, Roy Sato, animators; Dan Akers, Kym Olsen, compositors; Steve Galle, Andrew Wood, TDs; Stephen Parker, lighting lead; Dan Platt, sr. facial model; Ramahan Faulk, Andrew Lema, modelers; Ting Lo, textures; Jack Evans, hair groom; Dave McLean, rigging; Howard Cabalfin, Edgar Diaz, Dawrath Phoue, Maura Alvarez, Nathalie Gontier, Victor Rodriguez, Mark Duckworth, Nicolle Arnell, Dawn Gates Wells, roto; Karl Kohlman, FX; David Hsin, editor; Gary Roberts, virtual prodn. supervisor; Gaby Rios, motion capture prodn. supervisor; April Warren, lab supervisor; John Root, motion capture animation supervisor; Ryan Beagan, motion capture pipeline supervisor; Steve Madonna, mgr systems administration; Alia Dong-Stewart, Jonathan Berry, head cam operators; Thomas Frederick, camera operator; Greg LaSalle, Ken Pearce, FACS stage supervisor; Ni Tzu-Fu, motion capture actor; Lali Peer, Wendy Ho, makeup; Matthew Valverde, Ronald Rhee, Sarah Jane Taylor, motion capture artists.

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