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Intel/Toshiba's "The Power Inside"


Tuesday, Sep. 17, 2013


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Will Speck and Josh Gordon of Furlined directed this social film--comprised of six episodes--in which a man (portrayed by Eric Roberts), with the help of his friends and technology, must discover his "power inside" to defeat extraterrestrials that invade in the unlikely form of moustaches and unibrows on innocent earthlings. Elias handled the music and POP Sound the sound design. Agency was Pereira & O'Dell, San Francisco.


Agency: Pereira & O'Dell PJ Pereira, chief creative officer; Jaime Robinson, executive creative director; Jason Apaliski, creative director; Ross Cavin, Neil Ramanan, copywriters; Chris Adams, Brett Beaty, art directors; Jeff Fero, VP of production; Bill Spangler, film producer. Production Company: Furlined,Tool of North America Will Speck, Josh Gordon, directors; Diane McArter, David Thorne, exec producers; Jan Wieringa, producer; Matt Robinson, writer; Jo Willems, DP.,(Interactive production partner on project) Ben Tricklebank, interactive director; Dustin Callif, Brian Latt, Oliver Fuselier, exec producers; Matt Gase, sr. art director; Tatum Cardillo, designer; Bartek Drozdz, creative technologist; Joy Kuraitis, head of digital production; Kim Zaninovich, sr. interactive producer. Visual Effects: Zoic Studios Cally Morton, exec producer; Robb Moggach, creative director; Matt Olmon, VFX producer. Music: Elias Arts David Gold, head of production; Brent Nichols, creative director/composer; Jonathan Elias, Michael Fraumeni, Kimo Kemp, Sarah Trevino, composers; Ann Haugen, exec producer. Audio: POP Sound Rusty Dunn, Chris Pinkston, sound designers; Peter Rincon, Michael Miller, mixers.

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