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Top Spot of the Week: JCPenney's "Cafeteria"


Friday, Aug. 23, 2013


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Baker Smith of harvest introduces us to kids who envision how their first day of the school year will play out. In "Cafeteria" we meet a youngster who's grown over the summer and is looking to stake his claim. He walks through an empty cafeteria, setting the stage for what will be his first day back at noon lunchtime--all the while accompanied by another lad who's beating a drum. Agency is Y&R NY.


Agency: Young & Rubicam, New York Tony Granger, global chief creative officer; Jim Elliot, chief creative officer; Judy Robinson, creative director; Aaron Frisch, creative director/art director; Arun Nemali, creative director/writer; Betsy Shoenfeld, sr. producer. Jill Meschino, executive producer; Nancy Arescu, managing director. Production Company: harvest Baker Smith, director; Bonnie Goldfarb, Rob Sexton, exec producers; Niko Whelan, head of production; Matt O'Shea, producer; Bill Pope, DP; Thomas Ambrose, production designer. Editorial: P.S. 260, Inc. Maury Loeb, editor; Zarina Mak, exec producer; Laura Patterson, producer.

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