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New Online Video: WishClouds' "There's Something Not Right About Jane"


Friday, Aug. 16, 2013


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Ari Merkin, chief brand officer at AgencyTen, wrote and directed (via production house Supply and Demand) this online spot in which one office worker after another talks in rhyme about their disdain for co-worker Jane. They are clearly jealous of her because she always seems to be one step ahead in the fashion stakes, dressing to impress and livening up an otherwise drab office setting and workforce. What keeps her a step ahead in fashion and style? WishClouds' app tells her whenever stylish items she's interested in are on sale.


Production Company: Supply & Demand Ari Merkin, director; Tim Case, Charles Salice, Kira Carstensen, exec producers; Nathan de la Rionda, head of production Charleen Manca, head of postproduction; Steve Ross, line producer; Neil Shapiro, DP; Greg Blair, art director; Joe Blake, casting. Editorial: BEAST, Los Angeles Stephane Pereira, editor, Jerry Sukys, exec producer; Darby Walker, head of production; Ryan Dahlman, assistant editor. Music: Human Audio: 740 Sound Design

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