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Oreo's "Bedtime"


Friday, Aug. 9, 2013


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A girl wonders if she gave an Oreo to her dad before her bedtime, would he let her stay up so they could share in all kinds of fun and adventure. Her imagination runs wild with the aid of some "wonder-filled" animation from Psyop. The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va., came up with the concept, part of its "Wonderfilled" campaign.


Agency: The Martin Agency Joe Alexander, CCO/executive creative director; Jorge Calleja, group creative director; Dave Muhlenfeld, sr. VP/creative director; Magnus Hierta, creative director; Brig White, art director; Steve Humble, executive producer; Kathy Lippincott, sr. producer; Heather Tanton, producer; Caroline Helms, associate producer; John Gibson, planning director. Production Company: Smuggler Steve DeVore, producer; Psyop, director; Todd Mueller, Kylie Matulick, creative directors; Florian Stadler, DP. Visual Effects: Psyop Luisa Murray, exec producer; Shannon Alexander, producer; Todd Mueller, Kylie Matulick, creative directors; Lane Jolly, VFX supervisor; Georgia Tribuiani, Velwyn Yossy, Zoe Wishart, designers; Hugh Keenan, storyboard artist; Brett Nicoletti, editor;Kim Stevenson, lead TD/lead Flame/compositor/colorist; Kendra Ryan, Dylan Spears, animators. Music: Elias Arts Fritz Doody, composer; Kala Sherman, exec producer; Dave Muhlenfeld, original music.

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