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New Short: Skype's "The Impossible Family Portrait"


Friday, Jul. 19, 2013


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Peking--the duo of Nat Livingston Johnson and Gregory Mitnick, who are with Station Film--directed three shorts, including The Impossible Family Portrait, in this Skype campaign out of agency Pereira & O'Dell.


Agency: Pereira & O'Dell PJ Pereira, chief creative officer; Jaime Robinson, executive creative director; Jonathan Woytek, creative director; Tim Delger, Arnau Bosch, sr. art directors; Katie Brinkworth, sr. copywriter; Brett Beaty, art director; Chris Ryan, copywriter; Leila Moussaoui, designer; Katie Shesgreen, project manager; Nick Chapman, VP, strategy; Jasmine Summerset, associate strategy director; Liz Wood, media strategist; Justin Cox, strategy director; Jeff Ferro, VP, production; Victoria Whitlow, Erin Davis, sr. integrated producers; Elisa Moore, sr. broadcast producer; Kathy Zembera, interactive producer; Bill Spangler, producer Production Company: Station Film,Human Peking, aka Gregory Mitnick & Nat Livingston Johnson, directors; Caroline Gibney, exec producer; Sarah McMurray, producer, Editorial: Umlaut Films Jessica Congdon, editor; Peter Geiger & Michael Pavoni, assistant editors; Ivan Miller, colorist; Gina Locurio, exec producer; Kelly Gibbs, producer. Audio: One Uni

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