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The Best Work You May Never See: Ad Council and Keep America Beautiful's "Journey"


Friday, Jul. 19, 2013


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Victor Garcia of MJZ directed this PSA which takes us on the journey of a plastic bottle as it is kicked and pushed about the cityscape, backwoods, varied types of terrain. This bottle, though, has a dream which is conveyed in a female voiceover. Agency is Pereira & O'Dell.


Agency: Pereira & O'Dell PJ Pereira, chief creative officer; Jaime Robinson, executive creative director; Eduardo Marques, associate creative director/copywriter; Rafael Rizuto, associate creative director/art director; Ross Cavin, Earl Lee, copywriters; Chris Adams, Arnau Bosch, art directors; Katie Shesgreen, project manager; Nick Chapman, VP, director of strategy; Justin Cox, strategy director; Alina Shabashevich, strategist; Jeff Ferro, executive producer; Judy Kreiter, Elisa Moore, broadcast producers; Erin Davis, sr. interactive producer. Production Company: MJZ Victor Garcia, director; David Zander, president; Kate Leahy, exec producer; Greg Ferguson, producer. Visual Effects: MPC (The Moving Picture Company) Claudia Guevara, VFX; Alex Harding, lead Nuke artist; Marcus Wood, lead Smoke artist; Jonathan McKee, compositor; Liam Griffin, CG lead artist; Adrian Seery, colorist. Music: Stimmung Audio: POP Sound Zac Fisher, Stephen Dickson, mixers

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