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Top Spot of the Week: JBL's "Ear of the Tornado"


Friday, Dec. 14, 2012


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Psyop turned out this complex visual effects spot which depicts a massive tornado erupting on screen. The twister uproots a home entertainment system, whipping JBL speakers into the air and ultimately sucking us and the camera directly into the eye of the storm. Agency is Doner in Southfield, Mich.


Agency: Doner Murray White, creative director; Laurie Irwin, executive producer. Production Company: Psyop Eben Mears, creative director; Anh Vu, creative director/designer; Dan Gregoras, lead technical director; Lydia Holness, exec producer; Ave Carrillo, Erik Gullstrand, producers; Lauren Indovina, Naomi Chen, Eunice Kim, designers; Robin Nishio, storyboard artist; Michael Shin, previz; Anthony Travieso, Ryan Moran, Dan Vislocky, Chris Meek, animators; Dan Fine, Thomas Smith, Todd Daniele, modeling; Zed Bennett, rigging; Joerg Liebold, tracking; Miguel Salek, Dave Barosin, effects technical director; Jonah Friedman, lead lighter; Nick Tanner, lead compositor; Thomas Smith, Adam Flynn, Matt Hanson, compositing. Audio: Skywalker Sound Steve Boeddeker, sound designer.

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