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Top Spot of the Week: GE's "Journey"


Friday, Dec. 7, 2012


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The duo of Dayton/Faris of Bob Industries directed this charming spot which shows famous robots on a sojourn from different corners of the world to what they regard as being a special place of fascination. It turns out they are headed for a GE warehouse where brilliant machines are being created. Agency is BBDO New York.


Agency: BBDO New York David Lubars, chief creative officer; Eric Cosper, Michael Aimette, sr. creative directors; Kevin Jordan, creative director/art director; Tim Roan, creative director/copywriter; Judd Counsell, associate creative director/copywriter; David Rolfe, director of integrated production; Anthony Nelson, group executive producer; George Sholley, producer; Rani Vaz, director of music and radio production; John Melillo, music producer. Production Company: Bob Industries Dayton/Faris (Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris), directors; Linus Sandgren, DP; Bart Lipton, producer; T.K. Knowles, John O�Grady, Chuck Ryant, executive producers; Floyd Albee, production designer. Editorial: Final Cut JD Smyth, editor. Visual Effects: Method Aleksandar Sasha Djordjevic, lead/supervisor; Greg Cutler, Susanne Sharping, Flame artists; Chris Mackenzie, Smoke artist; Robert �Nick� Dauphinais, David Piombino, Ryan Leonard, Adam Gandola, Wendy Seddon, Nuke operators; Dan Giraldo, Nuke operator/matt

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