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Guinness' "Cloud"


Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012


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Director Peter Thwaites of Gorgeous teamed with The Mill, London, on this spot which tells the tale of a cloud that is "more" than a cloud, not directed by the wind but some inner force as it comes from the sea to meander over a city, yet with great purpose. Agency is AMV, London.


Agency: AMV BBDO Olly Chapman, producer. Production Company: Gorgeous Enterprises Peter Thwaites, director; Ciska Faulkner, exec producer. Visual Effects: THE MILL, London Matt Williams, VFX producer; Hitesh Patel, shoot supervisor/3D artist; Neil Davies, 2D lead artist; Tom Bussell, 3D lead artist; Siro Valente, Tomas Wall, Grant Conner, Greg Howe, 2D artists; Tom Raynor, Richard Thomas, Christian Waite, Cat Harris, James Mulholland, Jacob Gonzales, Tom Bolt, Graeme Turnbull, Henry South, Monica Taddei, Sauce Villas, Thibault Stoyanov, Allyn Lawson, Natalie Rocks, Ryan Smith, Marta Carbonell, Max Puentes Rivera, Chris Mcdonald, Jake Flint, 3D artists; Can Yigit Sanalan, Kieran Belshaw, Nathan McKenna, matte painting; Seamus O�Kane, Lukw Morrison, colorists; Jimmy Kiddell, Nathan Mckenna, Melanie Climent, Jiyoung Lee, German Casado, concept art.

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