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Isis' "Supermarket Meltdown"


Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012


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Director Dante Ariola of MJZ and VFX house Method Studios teamed on this spot which depicts the mayhem caused by a dog chasing a cat through a supermarket--at 500 frames per second, in reverse. The dog, cat and people were not able to be captured in one take so all the moving shots were obtained using repeated motion control set-ups.


Production Company: MJZ Dante Ariola, director. Visual Effects: Method Gabby Gourrier, VP of production; Stephanie Gilgar, EP; Pip Malone, VFX producer; Anastasia Von Rahl, VFX coordinator; Jason Schugardt, VFX supervisor; Dominik Bauch, lead compositor; Kama Moiha, Jim Kuroda, Marty Taylor, Tom Daws, compositors; Peter Claes, Stu Mintz, CG FX; Fabio Zapata; CG tracking supervisor; Tom Stanton, Juan Colon, Del Depierro, Rachan Chirarattanakornhul, CG tracking; Alex Whang, Sun-Churl Kim, CG modeling; Kenneth Lui, Huey Carroll, Midori Witsken, roto. Music: Elias Arts Dave Gold, creative director; Christopher "Kimo" Kemp, composer; Jay Nierenberg, sound designer; Ann Haugen, exec producer; Kiki Martinez, producer. Audio: Lime Studios Rohan Young, mixer.

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