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Top Spot of the Week: Heineken's "Crack the Case"


Friday, Sep. 28, 2012


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Matthijs van Heijningen of MJZ directed this spot in which an unsuspecting gent is mistaken for James Bond and has to elude the famed secret agent's bad guy pursuers. Daniel Craig himself portrays the real Bond in this spot which is largely set on a train with the not quite wannabe Bond using all his resourcefulness to escape the villains looking to do him harm. Agency is Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam.


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy, executive creative directors/creative directors; Thijs Biersteker, Adrien Bindi, art directors; Dan Maxwell, copywriter; Tony Stearns, Niko Koot, producers; Erik Verheijen, head of production; Stuart Parkinson, planner; Richard Oldfield, connections planner; Paul Skinner, creative technologist. Production Company: MJZ Matthijs van Heijningen, director; Joost van Gelder, DP; Chris McBride,producer; Debbie Turner, exec producer. Visual Effects: THE MILL, London Paul Schleicher, VFX producer; Hitesh Patel, shoot supervisor; Jay Bandlish, 2D lead artist; Jordi Bares, 3D lead artist; Andrew Curtis, Bevis Jones, Brad Wood, Dan Adams, Peter Hodsman (Nuke), Emma White (Nuke), Cameron Smither (Nuke), Patrick Altmaier (Nuke), Martin Karlsson (Nuke), 2D artists; Jonathan Wood, Jacob Gonzales, Adrian Russell, Mario Bailon, Jamie Justo, Cat Harris, Hugo Jackson, David Lawson, Liz Mitchell, David Knight, Sergio Xisto, Allyn Lawson, Claudia Carval

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