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Canon's Man and Beast


Tuesday, Sep. 18, 2012


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Dante Ariola of MJZ directed this short film that tells the real-life story of Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, who stuttered as a child and could only articulate himself well verbally at that time when talking to animals. He pledged that he ever found his voice, he would become a voice for the animals who could not speak. As an adult, he is today considered the world's leading big cat expert and was described by Time Magazine as being "the Indiana Jones of wildlife conservation." Short was scored by stimmung.


Agency: Dentsu America, Inc. Production Company: MJZ Dante Ariola, director; Natalie G. Hill, producer; David Zander, Scott Howard, exec producers; Jeff Cronenweth, ASC, cinematographer; Christopher Glass, production designer. Editorial: Peepshow Andrea MacArthur, editor; Deborah Sullivan, exec producer; Anna C. Butler, producer. Music: Stimmung William Flynn, composer; Gus Koven, sound designer; Ceinwyn Clark, exec producer; Kristina Iwankiw, producer. Audio: Margarita Mix Jimmy Hite, mixer; Michele Millard, audio producer.

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