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Sprite's "Camouflage"


Friday, Aug. 10, 2012


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Actors are hand painted into scenery, creating a camouflage for them throughout the city. The camouflage is used as a metaphor for blending into one's environment and conforming to one's surroundings. Opening a bottle of Sprite, a teen is reinvigorated and sheds the camouflage he was wearing, while bringing new life and curiosity to those around him. Peter Thwaites of Gorgeous, London, directed--with visual effects by The Mill, New York--for BBH, London and Shanghai. A total of 22 actors were hand painted into the scenery by a team of body artists and painters.


Production Company: Gorgeous Enterprises Peter Thwaites, director; Joost van Gelder, DP; Anna Hashmi, line producer. Editorial: Work Bill Smedley, editor; Jane Dilworth, exec producer; Erica Thompson, exec producer/producer; Healy Snow, assistant editor. Visual Effects: The Mill, New York Boo Wong, VFX producer; Hitesh Patel, shoot supervisor; Naomi Anderlini, Rosalind Paradis, Suzanne Dyer, Mark French, Burtis Scott, 2D artists; Seamus O�Kane, colorist. Music: Beacon Street Studios Andrew Feltenstein, John Nau, Danny Dunlap, composers; Paul Hurtubise, sound designer; Leslie DiLullo, sr. producer. Audio: Sound Lounge Tommy Jucarone, mixer; Jill Silberstein, Dana Fairbairn, producers.

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