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Top Spot of the Week: Liberty Mutual's "Humans"


Friday, Aug. 17, 2012


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The Dayton/Faris duo of Bob Industries directed this humorous homage to human frailties and the accidents they can result in, making a case for insurance coverage from Liberty Mutual. Agency is Hill Holliday, Boston.


Agency: Hill Holliday Lance Jensen, EVP/chief creative officer; David Banta, SVP/group creative director/copywriter; Kevin Daley, SVP/group creative director/art director; Bryan Sweeney, SVP/co-director of integrated production. Production Company: Bob Industries Dayton/Faris (Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris), directors; Neil Shapiro, DP; Chuck Ryant, executive producer; Bart Lipton, line producer/head of production. Shot on location in Los Angeles and Portland, Ore. as well as on the backlots at Paramount Studios and Universal Studios, both in Hollywood. Editorial: Lost Planet Hank Corwin, editor; PJ Fabbrini, assistant editor; Krystn Wagenberg, executive producer; Jaclyn Paris, senior producer; Kate McCormick, producer. Postproduction: Company 3 Stefan Sonnenfeld, colorist. Visual Effects: Brickyard VFX Kristen Anderson, executive producer; Amy Appleton, producer; Geoff McAuliffe, lead VFX artist; Peter Bullis, Jimi Simmons, Sean McLean, Dave Waller, Gina Dowling, VFX artists.

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