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Trailer of the Week: BBC's "Stadium UK"


Friday, Jul. 6, 2012


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Passion Pictures and Red Bee Media have teamed with agency Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R, London, to create an opening sequence to herald the BBC's coverage of the upcoming London 2012 Summer Olympics. While the full-length 2 minute and 40 second piece has premiered on BBC1, it is not yet available online or elsewhere. Still, this trailer offers a healthy taste of the project's animation artistry as directed by Passion's Pete Candeland.


Agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R Damon Collins, executive creative director; Jules Chalkley, Nick Simons, Ted Heath, Paul Angus, creatives. Production Company: Passion Pictures, London,Red Bee Media Pete Candeland, director; Michael Adamo, Hugo Sands, exec producers; Lotie Hope, producer; Anna Lord, producer-project development; Mario Ucci, art director/modeling-characters/lighting & rendering; Rick Thiele, art director/lighting & rendering; Jason Nicholas, head of CG; Helen Lord, CG coordination; Cesar Nunes, modeling-characters/lighting & rendering; Ian Brown, Florent Rousseau, modeling-environment/textures; Ander Gutierrez, Gary Newman, Magttias Bjurstrom, modeling-environment; Chris Dawson, Jorge Bellot, Francois Pons, rigging; Ellie Bond, Emma Berkley, Nikki Newman, Gabriel Loques, textures; Xavier Zahara, Martin Parissenti, Richard Perry, previz; Mark Brown, previz/animation; Cath Brooks, Wes Corman, David Sigrist, Florian Mounie, Conor Ryan, Chris Olsen, Rodrigo Torres, James Farrington

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