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Top Spot of the Week: Audi's "Needles"


Friday, Dec. 14, 2007


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An Audi Q7 SUV whisks its way along a tree-lined path in the midst of a winter wonderland, leaving behind a trail of tree pine needles in its wake. But the needles aren't from the trees rooted in terra firma; instead we discover they've come off of an Xmas tree tied to the Q7's roof.


Agency: Venables, Bell & Partners Paul Venables, Greg Bell, creative directors; Eric Liebhauser, associate creative director; Greg Wyatt, art director; Mary Hernandez, copywriter; Craig Allen, director of broadcast production; Tamsin Prigge, producer. Production Company: Furlined Douglas Avery, director; Matt Factor, David Thorne, executive producers; Earl McDaniel, head of production; Matt Caltabiano, producer; Pascal Lebeque, Toby Irwin, DPs. Editorial: Phoenix Editorial & Designs Bob Frisk, editor; Jonathan Hinman, executive producer. Postproduction: Company 3 LA & NY Dave Hussey, colorist Visual Effects: Phoenix Editorial & Designs Matt Silverman, design creative director/motion graphics designer; Bobby Van Dyke, motion graphic designer/VFX artist; John Crossley, VFX artist/online editor. Music: Elias Arts Sound Design: 740 Sound Design Audio: One Union Recording Studios Joaby Deal, mixer.

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