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iSPOT of the Week: Axe's World's Dirtiest Film trailer


Monday, Dec. 3, 2007


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Means was able to capture the right look and feel of humorously sexy in this trailer for Axe, using slow motion sequences of beautiful women eating ribs, shooting hot dog arrows, and body painting, followed by the Axe-laden group showers to clean things up. The faux trailer has the look of a late 60's European art house film, where David Spade creatively muses on what dirty really is.


Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, New York. Kevin Roddy, executive creative director; Paul Bichler, creative director;
Adam Reeves, Josh Rubin, copywriters; Andy Tider, art director; Bruce Wellington, head of TV; Melissa Bemis, Dominic Ferro, producers Production Company: Mekanism,The Mill New York Tommy Means, CD/Director; Richard Henkels, DP; Dave Bernstein, producer; Jeremy Reed, production designer; Keith Wager, wardrobe designer ,Fergus McCall, telecine artist Editorial: MacKenzie Cutler Erik Laroi, editor; Melissa Miller, executive producer Postproduction: Schmigital Jimmy Hayhow, Flame artist Audio: MacKenzie Cutler Mark Healy, audio engineer

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