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Top Spot of the Week: Lexus' "Pop-Up"


Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2007


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Via a gigantic pop-up storybook containing a Lexus RX, we are told the tale of the "safest accident." As the RX faces such hazards as rocky terrain and icy city streets, we learn that the safest accident is one that never happens thanks to Lexus' "actively safe" features.


Agency: Team One Jon Pearce, Gavin Lester, creative directors; Kevin R. Smith, arta director; Dave Horton, copywriter; Jack Epsteen, Jennifer Weinberg, producers. Production Company: Smuggler Oskar Holmedal/Stylewar, director; Brian Carmody, executive producer; Line Postmyr, line producer; Toby Irwin, DP. Editorial: Butcher Editorial David Henegar, editor; Rob Van, executive producer; Rachel Connelly, assistant editor. Postproduction: Company 3 Los Angeles,Method Ben Looram, VFX artist.,Clark Muller, colorist. Visual Effects: A52 Mark Tobin, executive producer; Sarah Haynes, producer; Andy Hall, VFX supervisor; Raul Ortego, lead Flame artist; Kirk Balden, Tim Bird, Mike Bliss, Brandon Jolley, VFX artists; Dan Gutierrez, CGI lead artist; Kevin Clarke, Chris Janney, Kirk Shintani, CGI artists. Music: robot repair Kael Alden, composer; Doug Darnell, executive producer. Audio: Juice Audio Post, Santa Monica Bob Gremore, mixer.

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