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Sprint's "Manning's Mind"


Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2007


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Star quaterback Peyton Manning has only seconds to throw but instead of being on the field, he thinks out his play--and decision--in a dream world. Running through a long hallway,  he tries door after door to find an open teammate only to encounter surreal sights. Ultimately, he snaps back to reality and makes the pass.


Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Rich Silverstein, executive creative director; Ronny Northrop, Franklin Tipton, creative directors; Brian Williams, Joel Rodriguez, art directors; Nick Prout, Rus Chao, copywriters; Rob Sondik, producer. Production Company: Anonymous Content Andrew Douglas, director/DP; Andy Traines, executive producer; Dave Morrison, executive producer/head of commercials; Sue Ellen Clair, head of production; Tony McGarry, producer. Editorial: HutchCo, Los Angeles Jim Hutchins, editor; Jane Hutchins, executive producer Visual Effects: Brewster Parsons, Santa Monica Nick Brewster, VFX supervisor/lead compositor; Darcy Parsons, producer. Sound Design: tinitus Francois Blaignan, sound designer. Audio: Lime Studios Rohan Young, Loren Silber, Dave Wagg, mixers; Jessica Locke, producer.

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