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La-Z-Boy's "Who Am I"


Thursday, Oct. 11, 2007


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In "Who Am I?"�one of seven spots in a campaign--a garishly dressed man, replete with loud shirt and a giant medallion hanging from an ostentatious gold chain, walks into a La-Z-Boy furniture gallery. He is holding a silver motorcycle helmet. A female employee greets the prospective customer who is bewildered and confesses, "I don't know who I am anymore." She counters by inviting him to "try being yourself over here." The "over here" is a large red Laz-Z-Boy sofa. His disoriented state disappears once he sits down. He lets out a satisfied sigh, and says "hello old friend" to the couch. He then extends a slightly different greeting to the La-Z-Boy employee as if he's just noticed her for the first time. "Well, hello new friend," he says in a bit of a cheesy tone and a flirtatious manner. The tagline: "Comfort, it's what we do."


Agency: Rubin Postaer & Associates Joe Baratelli, David Smith, creative directors; Nathan Crow, art director; Eric Helin, copywriter; Shelley Eisner, producer. Production Company: Tool of North America Erich Joiner, director; Jennifer Siegel, Brian Latt, executive producers; Mark Fetterman, producer; Mark Plummer, DP Editorial: Spot Welders Inc. Pam Martin, Lucas Spaulding, editors Music: Elias Arts Jonathan Elias, composer

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