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Travelocity's "Cliffdive"


Thursday, Oct. 11, 2007


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"Cliff Dive" is one in a series of :15s in Travelocity's "Travel Wishes" campaign. In the spot, we see a bird perched on a branch jutting out from a cliff. A continuous scream is heard�presumably from someone diving from the top of the cliff. Turns out that someone is Travelocity's Roaming Gnome, who's plummeting�pointed hat and head first�into the deep blue below. A super appears that reads, "Travel Wish #11. Cliff Dive in Mexico." A voiceover informs us that Fare Watchers Plus alerts customers when fares drop to their favorite places. We're advised to start our wish list at


Agency: McKinney David Baldwin, executive creative director; Philip Marchington, Lisa Shimotakahara, group creative directors; Maari Thrall, art director; Jenny Nicholson, copywriter; Rich Beck, producer Production Company: Boxer Films Rob Groenwold, director; John Clark, executive producer; John Quinn, producer; Kevin Sarnoff, DP Editorial: Boxer Films Pedram Torbati, editor; Beth George, executive producer; Ben Guzman, associate producer. Postproduction: Method,Brewster Parsons, Santa Monica Clark Muller, colorist,Simon Brewster, online editor Sound Design: Musikvergnuegen Mark Messick, sound designer Audio: Lime Studios Rohan Young, audio mixer

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