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Jimmy Neutron


Thursday, Oct. 11, 2007


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Cartoon character Jimmy Neutron and his buddies have fun with a sci-fi gadget called a "Photon Dimensionalizer" (which is also the title of this spot). Jimmy zaps a cartoon squirrel and it comes alive as a dimensional being. Next to be zapped is a Town & Country van parked in a home's driveway�transforming the vehicle from flat animation to the van in all its real-world splendor with Jimmy, his pals and the squirrel going inside for a tour of the luxurious interior.


Agency: BBDO Detroit, Troy, Mich. Rick Dennis, chief creative officer; Gary Pascoe, creative director; Gary Wise, art director; Gary Golden, copywriter; Chris Forrest, producer. Production Company: hoytyboy pictures Richard Kizu-Blair, director; Clint Goldman, executive producer; Christine Whitney, producer; William F. Bennett, IV, DP Editorial: Radium Alan Chimenti, editor Visual Effects: Radium Brett Lewis, VFX supervisor; Leigh Mergehenn, VFX producer; Gary Banks, executive producer; Kevin Althans, Inferno artist Music: The Metric Ton, bicoastal Charlie Brisette, composer Sound Design: Radium Alan Chimenti, sound designer Audio: Radium,Salami Studios, Los Angeles Frank Salazar, engineer,Mark Schmidt, engineer Animation: Animojic, Dallas Aaron Werntz, animator

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