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Xbox Halo 3 "Fly Through"


Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2007


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The 1:42 video from the site by AKQA/San Francisco spans a diorama made by New Deal Studiois/Los Angeles that shows the Battle of New Mombasa, the futuristic fight between Earth Human and Covenant forces. The video was produced with cinematic miniature effects photography with motion control camera rigs outfitted with snorkle lenses.


Agency: akqa Rei Inamoto, global creative director; john jakubowski, creative director; Thiago Zanato Tripodi, associate creative director; Hoj Jomehri, creative lead; Kevin Hsieh, art director; Alex Lyman, senior designer; Joel Kaplan, Keith Hostert, copywriters; Jason Gatt, senior creative developer; Caio Lazzuir, title sequence; Matthew Law, motion designer; Rian Devos, associate motion designer; Garth Williams, conceptual design; Nancy Cardillo, film producer; Larry Ewing, contractor film producer; Kirk Kepley, senior technical project manager; Paul Liszewski, senior qa lead; Sutart Lewan, Thomas Ko, qa engineers; Simon Jefferson, group account director; Erica Power, account director; Nicole Biondi, senior account executive; Production Company: New Deal Studios Matthew Gratzner, creative director; Shannon Blake Gans, executive producer; David Sanger, producer; E. M. Bowen and Jennifer A. Middleton, coordinators; Jeffrey Jasper, maya artist; Seth Curlin, Scott Schneider, digital set designers; Ti

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