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Sega "Breakout"


Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2007


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To promote the release of Sega Rally Revo, the off road rally racing game, the company is using "The Misadventures of Tonya and Donya," a series of videos starring two beautiful women who know nothing about rally racing. In "Breakout," Tonya and Donya drive a race car on city streets and an off road race track, gabbing away behind the wheel. The girls were shot in a studio and green screened, with off road footage shot at a race park.


Production Company: Mekanism Clay Weiner, writer/director; Ian Kovalik, creative director; Elliot Davis, director of photography; Jason Harris, executive producer; Stef Smith, ep, producer; Hilary Foreman, Stephen Mueller, Vieve Haag, producers; Courtney Loadholt, production coordinator; Brendan Gahan, content manager; Jamal Berkeley, director of multimedia; Jonah Phillips, Caleb Adam Haye, flash development; Richard Krolewicz, Emmett Feldman, animation; Richard Krolewicx, Scott Barry, design; Can Chang, compositing; Michael Honrada, roto/paint Editorial: The Now Corporation Lasse Jarve, Paul Maddelena, editors; Caitlin Parker, Chris Valente, assistant editors Visual Effects: Spy Post Digital Chris Martin, colorist Music: Amber Music Audio: Sound Lounge Steve Giammaria, mixer

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