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iSPOT of the Week: EA SPORTS' "BBQ"


Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2007


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Two gamers approach superstar football player Ronaldhino at a birthday party in a samba hall while he is barbecuing. They challenge him to replicate one of the goals his virtual conterpart made in EA SPORTS' FIFA 08. One of three online video ads, directed by Sven Super via Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam.


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam Joakim Borgstrom, Eric Quennoy, creative directors; Mike Farr, copywriter; Craig Melchiano, art director; Laurence Horner, strategic planner;Hazelle Griffin, Jesse Long, Nick Howe, Kate Parsley, account team; Olivier Klonhammer,
producer;Shannon Preece, post producer;Al Moseley & John Norman, executive creative directors;Tom Dunlap, agency executive producer;Rob Zuurbier, project manager Production Company: Christel Palace, Amsterdam Sven Super, director; Christel Hofstee, executive producer; Francine Van Der Lee, producer; Adam Marshall, editor Postproduction: WRKS, Amsterdam,THE MILL, London Ton Habraken,Adam Scott, telecine Sound Design: Wave, London Aaron Reynolds, sound designer; Tracey Gascoyne, producer Audio: Wave, London,Wave, London Aaron Reynolds; Johnnie Burn, executive producer,Aaron Reynolds; Johnnie Burn, executive producer

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