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The Best Work You May Never See: ProFlowers' "Goodbye"


Monday, Oct. 1, 2007


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What appears at first to be an emotional Hallmark-like moment between a grown daughter and her mom turns out to be something quite different. The daughter instead pays her mother a series of left-handed "compliments" such as, "Spending time with you is so reasonably nice." The perplexed mom then gives way to a message that reads, "Send Love. Not Like. Send ProFlowers."


Agency: BBDO West Jim Lesser, creative director; Jack Harding, associate creative director/copywriter; Reece Hovercamp, art director; Curt O'Brien, producer. Production Company: harvest Michael Downing, director; Bonnie Goldfarb, Scott Howard, executive producers; Mala Vasan, producer; John Houtman, DP. Editorial: Spot Welders, Inc Haines Hall, editor.


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