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iSPOT of the Week: Comcast's "Snurfing"


Monday, Sep. 24, 2007


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 "Snurfing," surfing the internet when you are supposed to be on the phone, is the topic of one of eleven humorous animated web films created by Matt Clark via Goody Silverstein and Partners to promote Comcast's Triple Play package. In the video, Jim's girlfriend is on the phone with him and realizes he is not paying attention. She tells him she thinks she has vacuumed up her roommates hamster to which he replies, "uh huh, totally." She goes on to say an ax murderer has just come down the chimney and set the living room on fire, and she gets the same response, "uh huh, totally." After she says that a woolly mammoth has put the fire out and that she's fine and gets another ho-hum reaction from Jim, she accuses him of "snurfing," the word Comcast has come up with to describe the act of surfing the internet when you are supposed to be on the phone. The film complements a TV campaign that consists of three :30 spots that center around other slang terms like "snurfing" used for the activities that become possible when you sign up for a Triple Play package.


Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Jamie Barrett, executive creative director; Will McGinness, creative director; Nick Spahr, creative director/art director; Chris Ford, creative director/copywriter; Devin Sharkey, Chris Valencius, art directors; Nat Lawlor, Spencer Riviera, copywriters; Peter Albrycht, interactive producer; Cathleen Kisich, broadcast producer; Brian McPherson, account director

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