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Hearst-Argyle Television's "Are We Crunching"


Wednesday, Sep. 19, 2007


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A short viral video from the launch campaign for Hearst-Argyle Television's features Boo Yah, the star of the campaign, whose brightly painted face suggests the quintessential high school fan.
    The video comes from a series of four that run online as part of a multi-media campaign to promote the new social networking site that will be used by affiliate channels to provide high school sports coverage in their local markets.


Agency: The Brand Gallery Phil McIntyre, chief executive officer; Iain Greenway, chief creative officer; Ruhiya Nuruddin, producer; Neha Anada, production coordinator; Nina Sloan, line producer; Laura Israel, editor Production Company: Streamline Content Brian Bennhoff, executive producer; Peter Kagan, co-director Music: RK Music Rob Khan, music

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