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iSPOT of the Week:'s "Talking Headless"


Tuesday, Sep. 18, 2007


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The first video ad for, a bra-fitting site, shows an encounter between a research scientist working for the site and a young woman. When the scientist asks the woman if she'll provide information about her breasts, she initially agrees, then proceeds to kick his head off.
    The :52 video, produced without an agency by Kontent Films, was shot with a Panasonic HV camera and starred a woman with kick boxing skills who's a Tae Kwon Do champion.


Production Company: Kontent Films David Munro, director; Teri Heyman, producer; Adam Ballachey, DP Postproduction: Kontent Films Matt Notaro, editor; Eric Escobar, colorist Visual Effects: Voodoo EFX Randy Neuber, VFX Artist Sound Design: Sirius Sound Mark Pittman, sound mixer


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