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Top Spot of the Week: Nike's "Leave Nothing"


Friday, Sep. 14, 2007


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San Diego Chargers' defender Shawne Merriman and St. Louis Rams' running back Steven Jackson are shown doing their thing on the gridiron in what seems like one continuous take--but the action spans different stadiums, different opposing teams, different types of weather and different times of day.


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy | Portland Steve Luker, Jelly Helm, executive creative directors; Alberto Ponte, creative director/copywriter; Jeff Williams, creative director; Ari Weiss, copywriter; Ryan O'Rourke, art director; Ben Grylewicz, executive producer; Kevin Diller, producer. Production Company: Alturas Films Michael Mann, director; Marshall Rawlings, executive producer; Leslie Vaughn, producer; Mario Fiore, DP. Editorial: Spot Welders Inc. Haines Hall, editor. Visual Effects: Asylum Visual Effects Elissa Bello, 2D roto supervisor; Eric Evans, James Lee; 2D roto/compositors; Michael Liv, Huey Carroll, Meredith Hook, Junnko Schugardt, Mark Duckworth, Laura Murillo, 2D roto artists; Jeff Werner, CG producer; Sean Faden, CG supervisor/Particle FX; Dan Smiczek, Houdini effects/Massive animator; Scott Smith, animator; Kevin Culhane, animator;rigger; Jeff Willette, Denis Gauthier, lighting TDs; Rob Stuaffer, lighter; Chad Fehmie, Toshihiro Sakamaki, Scott Brust, Greg Stahl, modelers; Michael

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