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iSPOT of the Week: Intel's "Everything Has Changed"


Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2007


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Intel's music video, directed by Christopher Guest (This is Spinal Tap) uses rock musicians to sing a song dedicated to IT managers who will use Intel's new computer management products. A soft rock and hard rock musician sing separately and then together to communicate the IT message. The film, created by MRM Worldwide and shot by GO Film, is music comedy in the tradition of Guest's great mocumentaries, which works as advertising because it's directed at the target audience of IT managers.


Agency: MRM Worldwide Duncan Mitchell, Executive Creative Director; Andrew Payton, Senior Copywriter; Michael Jacobs, EVP Executive Creative Director Production Company: Go Film LA Christopher Guest, Director; Gary Rose, Executive Producer Editorial: Red Car NY Charlie Cusmano, Editor; Jen Hassenberg, Producer Music: The Treehouse CJ Vanson, Composer, Song Writer; Talent: Rob Giles, Hard Rock Lead Singer; Dan Finnerty, Soft Rock Lead Singer; Johnny Giosa, Hard Rock Drummer; Chris Yates, Hard Rock Bass Player; Tavis Bohlinger, Soft Rock Acoustic Guitarist

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