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Top Spot of the Week: New Balance's "Roadkill"


Monday, Aug. 13, 2007


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A young man driving a car hits a bump in the road. He stops the car and looks back to see he's run over a porcupine. He then takes off his New Balance shoes, rubs the soles together and places them on the animal, reviving it with an energy charge, akin to cardio pulmonary resuscitation. Indeed, New Balance's new ZIP shoes have positive energy.


Agency: Almighty, Boston Chris Smith, Joe Polevy, creative directors; Chad Portas, associate creative director/art director; Andrew Jasperson, writer; Matthew Charde, executive producer; Liz Shook, producer. Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks Russ Lamoureux, director; Shawn Lacy, Eric Stern, executive producers; Lisa Stockdale, producer; Joost Van Starrenburg, DP. Editorial: engine room Matt Rogers, editor. Postproduction: Nice Shoes Gene Curley, colorist. Audio: Soundtrack Recording Group Howard Cole, audio engineer/sound designer. Animation: Shilo Jose Gomez, Andre Stringer, creative dirctors; Evan Dennis, lead designer/animator/compositor; Tracy Chandler, executive producer; Jeremy Yaches, prdoucer; Dave Hill, animator/compositor.

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